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Become an
Ava Laurenne Bride

Book an appointment for you and four of your nearest and dearest, and come in to make the memory of a lifetime while finding the dress of your dreams! Ushering you into the sorority of Ava Laurenne Bride's that can attend our HUGE parties twice a year, and join our private Facebook group. Perks are added all the time!

Free to book!

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Add on a
Celebration Package!

A little extra Celebration added to your day of dress shopping! Bottle of Champagne and cups, a "bride to be" sash, a robe, wooden "bride" hanger, Ava Laurenne Bride tote, and an extra large confetti popper!


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The Princess Treatment

Duration: 3 hrs
Capacity: 15

This after-hours appointment in our beautiful main floor lounge has been a favorite at Ava Laurenne Bride since our founding! You get the full lounge floor to yourself. The style of Music in bride's choice. Price includes flowers, sharing time, and photos on a memory card from shop camera. Your choice of foods: Mexican, Italian, opulent charcuterie, and dessert bar.
And surprises too!


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Princess for a Day

Duration: 6 hrs
Capacity: up to 15

Party ALLLL day long!
at 10:30am, your official bride sash waits for you at a local eatery, (like Foode for coffee and pastry for the Princess Bride, or at the Freedom Society for Tea and Scones). Then have a blast together on the iconic Fredericksburg trolley as it takes just your party to Ava Laurenne Bride. Where you will have the entire 10k square feet of our shoppe to yourselves too!

Lunch provided at the shop, along with drinks of your choice, couture cake, customized sugar cookies, and gourmet popcorn! Receive a beautiful robe for your appointment. And once you've found your gown, celebrate with a huge confetti popper, and swag bags of goodies from local shoppes/artists for your whole tribe!
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Only available twice a month
(Sunday or Tuesday)


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