Why (and how) We Create Styled Shoots.

Why would a bridal shop do these styled shoots?

 Here at Ava Laurenne Bride, We have collaborated with photographers, event coordinators and many more on styled shoots for years now. And can we just say, we love doing them! 

Seeing the visions of these creatives come to life, utilizing our gowns, is such a fun experience, that we always relish, and enjoy, and will continue to enjoy.

And the answer to that question is multi-faceted…

So, when it comes to the vast majority of styled shoots, there is generally one feel to the entire shoot. Which makes complete sense, as it is kind of an Inspo for brides interested in such styles for their wedding.

It gives a bride a robust illustration of what is possible, and provides an amazing visual reference…showcasing the skills, vision, and execution of everyone involved.

And we seriously do love a classic/straightforward shoot.
Since these collaborations only allow for one, maybe two gowns at each shoot, and we don’t show the same gown too many times consecutively on our feed, we realized that we would prefer if we could highlight these collabs on our feed as often as possible, and having only two gowns from a shoot doesn’t give us much to work with, in terms of sharing those images over the long haul.

Also, we wanted to create scenarios with some sense of tonal consistency. And we know the settings that are safest for our gowns, and therefore can open up the various types of gowns that could be utilized at the shoot.

Also, we want to allow photographers the opportunity to shoot a wide variety of gowns and models, with enough details of the day to have content that could be submitted for publication.

We wanted to create a unique scenario where photographers could shoot our gowns without renting them, could be in a group of photographers without having to shoot the exact same set ups. Where they could network with fabulous local wedding industry business owners, have a chance to capture more content in one day than they would after multiple styled shoots, and be set up to produce images that we feature multiple times on our feed. The same goes for all of the vendors involved in these mega shoots. After the shoot, they have a myriad of images from a fabulous group of photographers to pull from, following the shoot, for their Insta and marketing purposes.

How We Plan for a Shoot 

First we decide on all the goals we want to accomplish, and where the shoot will be held. Then we lean hard into the strengths of that space to try to create the feel we are hoping to accomplish.

Second we often find ourselves scouring the Internet, (Hello Pinterest, my old friend) and Insta to be inspired for a shoot ourselves. Or we get struck, by the beauty and skill of a local artist, food service provider, or business—and suddenly the creative ideas have taken hold, and begin to take shape. We constantly question the solutions until we reach the best possible solution that we can.

Third, we start reaching out to our local Magic Makers to begin to gather some of our absolute fav creatives in all the fields we can think of that would be necessary to pull off the vision (and we feel we have found some of the absolute best in the biz…keep an eye out for our upcoming Insta guide to our fav local peeps to bookmark, save, and HIRE for your wedding!!!)

More than all of this, we love, love, love to inspire our brides with beautiful ideas—to take the gowns they love and showcase all the ways they can be styled along with all the other elements of their wedding...To introduce them to our beloved and talented wedding pros. And a very close second is that we are completely addicted to working with the extremely gifted local wedding industry pros here in Northern Virginia. (And by the way, we are always looking for new talent and venues to showcase through these amazing events).

So, the next time you see a mega shoot happening at Ava Laurenne Bride, or with our gowns at another location, you now know some of the work that goes into them, the goals, and the thoughts behind the whole set up.

The pros at this particular shoot were particularly talented. But we want to zoom in on one in particular: Jami Pollnotes of Our Curated Designs and Noted Calligraphy worked particularly hard on this with us. Countless hours were spent researching and brainstorming on the phone with our Marketing Director, perfecting and brainstorming the best ways to create the wow boho moments you see in these images. We are honored to have had her help with this shoot. She went above and beyond to curate the perfect tones of ink for the gorgeous details, candles, candle holders, the perfect table runners, clear glass ware for the over sized Green leaf set up, plates, silverware, cake stands and so much more to hit the exact vibe we were aiming to accomplish.
If you are looking for a wedding designer/planner that will absolutely bend over backwards to accomplish your vision in the most stunning, elegant, and effortless way….she is your girl. Not to mention, she is delightfully kind and sweet, and a joy to work with.

So much fun was had creating the designs for this shoot—from The Icing Baking Co.’s stunning couture deconstructed rainbow cake and their brush-stroke cake that harkened back to the abstract painting….or the ombre cocktails from Revelry mobile bar….it is a delectable execution of this modern, outside the box boho vibe. And when our wonderful jewelry artist had to have an emergency c-section a few days prior to the shoot (praying for you, Blushing Gold Brides),Jami stepped in and stepped up to create the gorgeous halo the girls rocked at the shoot!
What an absolute joy it was to create the concepts for this shoot. We hope you enjoy these behind-the-scenes images from the local, brand-new bridal photographer, Gabrielle Rose Photography!

Interested in buying a ticket to shoot at thge next mega shoot? Email us at ava.laurenne@hotmail.com with “mega shoot photographer” as the subject.

Want to be a featured venue, or vendor at one of these events e-mail us at ava.laurenne@hotmail.com with the subject “Vendor/Venue for Mega Shoot"