What is a trunk show?

Make your appointment now for the Justin Alexander Signature Trunkshow!

When is the best time to schedule your appointment at Ava Laurénne Bride?

First off, it’s ALLLLLWAYS a good time to find your dream dress at Ava Laurénne Bride!!!

If you’re looking for a sale, huge seasonal sales (like our White Friday) are always great.But did you know that there are special, non-seasonal events called trunk shows that have so many perks here at the shoppe?! And the amazing news is, they happen all the time!!

So what is a trunk show anyway??

It is an exclusive event. Amazing gowns that are not yet a part of our permanent collection come to the shoppe for a limited time for you to try on, and fall in love with!

Through these mini events, on top of our already insane selection of gowns, you get to see even more new styles and exciting gowns that are here just for that trunkshow.

Plus there are discounts involved!!

looking through gowns at the best bridal shop in America

Trunk show's come with an exclusive opportunity for a discount from the designer!

Designers work hard to create gorgeous, quality gowns and do not typically allow them to be discounted, but during trunk show events, they do offer that certain percentage off the order cost of the gown – normally around that 10%!

A trunk show is another excuse to celebrate!

Of course, at Ava Laurénne Bride, we LOVE a good celebration! And we never let a great celebration opportunity go to waste! Sometimes we have special treats and fun goodie bags, partner with local bakeries for fun things like cake shooters or even custom cookies in the shape of our shoppe! And we can't wait for you to see what fun we will create for the next one!

Suffice it to say, trunk shows provide SUCH a fun opportunity to create even more special moments full of fun, excitement, disvounts, and of course, celebration!

Make your appointment now for the Justin Alexander Signature Trunkshow!