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"Being a part of “Redo the I Do” was something that hit really close to home for me. I have a significant other in the military, so I actually understand some of the relationship experiences that each of these couples have. There were two moments in this event that I absolutely loved. When the brides first tried on dresses and when the couples had their first looks, everyone in the space could feel joy and sentiment. Their facial expressions along with the feelings of happiness in the air definitely completed the whole experience. This was the first time these brides have ever seen themselves in gowns, and I feel like when they saw themselves, it was a whole different experience for them. From their tear-filled eyes and ear-to-ear smiles, everyone could feel the overall excitement. They finally felt like brides after all the years of being married, yet never having that wedding experience. It was such a privilege to be a part of something that actually resonates with me as well." ~ Kassie Layne

Sofia's "I Do"

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