Hey brides, this is Virginia! I’m not a bride.  I don’t have a wedding coming up, and I don’t have hundreds of plans to re-work or “what-if” scenarios to work through. But, wow, have I seen some amazing things during this time.

You brides are amazing.

I’ve spoken to so many COVID brides recently. Though they all have different tweaks to their stories, I’ve still noticed an overarching theme – hope and perseverance.

Not complaint.

Not a plethora of fears.

Not worry - Not despair.

COVID brides are living through a time that none of us have before experienced and that no one could be prepared for. Yet, as they continue their stories, they have – most likely unintentionally – become an inspiration and beacon of hope to so many around them.

My bride Sarah comes to mind immediately.

Sarah’s smile is so pure, so joy-filled. I’m sure she has worries and fears – we *all* do – but when I see her with Sam, I just see  the pure excitement and joy of being a bride.

Sarah has had to change her original wedding date not once, but twice.

When I’ve spoken to her about this, of course I’ve heard the sadness in her voice or sensed that,  wow, that is difficult. But Sarah’s story has still inspired me. She’s able to see the unexpected blessings in the storm. She’s in love with Sam and hasn’t let all of the crazies of 2020 change that. This is a new, unexpected chapter in her life - like in the lives of so many of you - and it’s now a part of the story, a unique addition.

Brides, your “hope for the best - we don’t despair” spirit is an example that I hope to keep near even after this time is over. I want to thank you for it. When the unavoidable tough times in life come, I hope to have your indestructible spirit – not one that never gets sad, or worried, or afraid – but a spirit that will not despair and will continue on, with a hope and a plan for the better and the beautiful.

Debitis nobis facilis unde esse suscipit necessitatibus inci

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To The COVID Bride - Thank You!