Over 40 million people worldwide are enslaved.

Let that number sink in.

When the owner of Ava Laurénne Bride, Wendy Rivera, first became aware of the issue of widespread human trafficking in the world - and in our own backyard- she immediately set to finding a way to do whatever was in her power to do to help end this modern-day slavery.

Nicole Robyn of Polished Pearl, an organization that creates fair trade work for those who have been rescued from sex trafficking in India, sat down with Wendy at Starbucks to give a glimpse into what is actually happening all around us. The two got right to work finding new ways to create freedom through the beautiful platform of eternal love - the platform of weddings.

It seemed to them to be the perfect arena from which to rescue and restore women and children from the grips of enslavement. To think that bridal fashion could be used to spread love and freedom to others was truly an exciting prospect!

Polished Pearl launched its first line of veils in 2018, and they are now carried in boutiques across the US, and in Europe!

Now, Ava Laurénne Bride is pleased to announce that it will be the first boutique ever to carry the couture bridal collection, “Alina Voce - The Light in You”!  This collection designed by the same world-renowned designer of Jovani Fashions, is a line devoted to helping women be free to express every part of who they are. It is elegant, dramatic, daring, bold, delicate, fun, and whimsical.  It is every woman, at her best self. 

But greater than even the beauty of the line is the power of the cause it supports! Every Alina Voce gown purchased by a bride will help to support a physical mission carried out by Exodus Road to rescue women from sex trafficking.  

Exodus Road www.exodusroad.com has been rescuing trafficked girls right here in the US for over 7 years.  When Jovani Fashions decided to create this line, they were passionate about making an impact for women everywhere - the women who will wear their gowns and the women who will be rescued because of these gowns!

We at Ava Laurénne have a heart to help every person who walks through our doors to know that they are loved, valued, and celebrated. And we can think of nothing better than to empower women to find their voice in finding their dream gown, and see the light that is inside of them come shining through more brightly than ever before! The love that they are experiencing in their life should be seen by the whole world, for its power is beyond measure! When they are lit up in their perfect Alina Vocé gown, that light of love will reach into the dark paces of the world and light the way to freedom for someone else!

It is more beautiful than we can put into words, and we are so so SO excited about it!! 

Alina Vocé will be hitting stores in December, but you can catch a glimpse of some of the collection when the World Premier Fashion Show airs on our Facebook page soon! We were so honored to have had the premier happen right here at Ava Laurénne Bride!

To find out more about the work of Exodus Road, go to www.theexodusroad.com or their Facebook or Instagram: @TheExodusRoad

And keep watching our IG (@avalaurennebride) for pics of Alina Vocé, the light in you.  We can’t wait to see all of the brides who will find their gown in this powerful collection - and to see how many missions we can sponsor with each passing month!

Let’s bring freedom, together, and show the world that love can bring light to even the darkest places. 

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Alina Voce - The Light In You