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11 Special Touches To Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unforgettable

One of the greatest joys for the team at Ava Laurenne is creating an extra special, personalized gown shopping experience! Similarly, your wedding ceremony should be personal, representing  the uniqueness and beauty of your relationship.

As a team we love when our brides tag us in their wedding recap posts, photos, or videos after the big day! See below 11 ways our brides have made their wedding ceremonies extra special.

1. Write Personal Vows: We LOVE personalized vows! This is such a wonderful way to make your ceremony extra special. Personal vows can really capture the couples personality and sense of humor.

2. Incorporate Meaningful Readings or Poems: Having a close friend or family member do a prayer, song, or reading during your ceremony is so special. Its a great way to include more loved ones outside of your wedding party and to share something that hold significance to the bride & groom. 

“I asked my brother to do a reading for our wedding. It was important to me that he be part of the ceremony. He surprised us with a poem he had written! The poem was equal parts humor and heartfelt. Truly, it made our ceremony extra special!” - an Ava Laurenne Bride

3. Arriving In Style: Having the bride or groom arrive in a fun and unique way is always a fun surprise. From carriages, to horseback, to antique cars, we have seen several fun and surprising entrances from brides! 

“Semi-surprise ride to the altar in what was my Dad’s grandfather’s antique corvette” - an Ava Laurenne Bride

4. Live Music or Special Performances: “Next thing I know, half the audience stands up and makes their way to the front of the room singing You’re The One That I Want from Grease!” Many couples opt to have a live musician at their ceremony! This is such a wonderful way to make your ceremony even more fun and memorable.

5. Create a Unique Ceremony Space: Decorate the ceremony space to reflect your personalities or a theme that resonates with both of you. Personalized signage, flowers, and unique seating arrangements can make a difference.

“I saved all the flowers my now husband gave me while we were dating and the flower girls used their petals to toss down the aisle”

6. Involve Loved Ones: Incorporate family and friends in the ceremony. Have them help with the ceremony, do a reading, or participate in a ritual! 

“I had both my Mom and Dad walk me down the aisle!” - an Ava Laurenne Bride

“My husband's younger brother was our flower man and it was one of my favorite parts of the day!” - an Ava Laurenne Bride

7. Include Your Beloved Pets: If you have pets that are an integral part of your life, consider including them in the ceremony. They can have roles like ring bearers or just be present during the ceremony.

“My youngest brother walked our dog down the aisle & she was our flower girl!! It was a hit and so special to have her with us for the ceremony.”

8. Personalized Wedding Favors or Programs: Create custom wedding programs or favors that showcase your story, interests, or a shared hobby. It adds a personal touch and serves as a keepsake for your guests.

9. Surprise Elements: Plan surprises for your partner or guests. It could be a surprise performance, a video message from a loved one who couldn't attend, or any special element that will leave a lasting memory.

10. Interactive Moments: Engage your guests in special moments during the ceremony. For example, have a 'wishing stone' ceremony where guests write their wishes for you on stones that you keep as mementos.

11. Unique Exit: Consider a creative and unique exit after the ceremony. It could involve sparklers, flower petals, bubbles, or something distinctive that reflects your personality.

Making your wedding ceremony extra special involves personalization, attention to detail, and incorporating elements that reflect you as a couple!

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