Celebrations at
‍Ava Lauerenne Bride?

We Create
Moments to Remember

The rumors are true. As an Ava Laurénne Bride, you are forever invited to celebrate with us at exclusive parties that only our brides can attend. Just because your wedding has already happened, it doesn’t mean the celebration has to end. You came to us to find your once-in-a-lifetime dress to wear on the day your happily ever after began, and that means something to us. You belong here…and you always will. At least twice a year we throw exclusive parties just for Ava Laurénne Brides. We LOVE Christmas parties in the winter, and we LOVE garden parties in the spring. We don’t limit ourselves to those seasons, so it won’t be long before you see the next invitation to celebrate being an Ava Laurénne Bride.

Why do we throw the parties?

Celebration is the backbone of Ava Laurénne bride! We believe life is about love, relationships, and genuine moments. The way we approach appointments with our brides and our parties are the physical representation of this belief. By shopping at Ava Laurénne bride you are entering an exclusive club or sisterhood where your relationship with us and your love are celebrated over and over again at our parties.

Who is invited ?

Forever an
Ava Laurénne Bride

Being part of a brides love story is an incredible honor to us. From the moment our brides first step foot into one of our boutiques to the moment she says yes to her perfect dress we want her to know she is also now part of our story and is forever an Ava Laurénne bride! This is why we throw two parties every year at each of our locations where invitations are extended to exclusively Ava Laurénne brides and a guest of their choosing!

You Never Know What to Expect...

Celebrations at Ava Laurénne are similar to love stories, each one is unique and filled with its own personality! Our team works to make our parties specially curated with new experiences, surprises, grandeur, and theatrical. In addition to being a celebration of our brides, our parties also celebrate community, creatives, and local businesses by featuring art, entertainment, music, cuisine, beverages, fashion, and decor vendors from the area. In the past our parties have surprised and delighted guests with amazing reveals of artists, bands, stilt walkers, professional dancers, and more!