What is
‍‍Ava Lauerenne Bride?

The Ava Laurenne Experience

The Ava Laurénne Bride experience has been carefully planned and perfected since first opening in 2012

Meet Your Stylist

Our stylists get the opportunity to speak with brides several times before and during the appointment. Learning more about the bride, her love story, engagement, and wedding vision is our favorite part of the day! Every Ava Laurénne stylist trains for hundreds of hours every year to better assist you!

Exquisite Dressing Space

We believe the space and entire atmosphere is important when shopping for a dress. At Ava Laurénne we designed every dressing space to match the same beauty, joy, and fun personality of our brides! After walking through our front doors and taking in the breath-taking Forever Lounge, brides and their guests are taken to private dressing spaces to let the fun begin!

Share Your Vision

Take a moment to share your wedding inspiration, dress styles you love, pictures you've found, and more about how you found the love of your life in an initial appointment consultation.  Based on this information our stylists will bring gowns to you for first impressions and to try on!
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Try On Dress, Have Fun!

Enjoy the experience of being an Ava Laurénne bride. Our brides get to focus on the feeling of the dresses, the loving look on family's faces, and the warm smiles surrounding her as she shops + celebrates. Our stylists know just the questions to ask to bring the perfect dresses to try, removing any pressure to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

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In 2012 Gabe and Wendy Rivera introduced Virginia to Ava Laurénne Bride the first and original luxury bridal boutique concept with the belief that bridal gown shopping is about love and relationships at its core.

At Ava Laurénne Bride our goal first and foremost is to create moments that will last a lifetime for our brides. Everything we do is centered around celebration and empowering our brides to embrace themselves and who they are at this amazing moment in their love story.

"We have every clock in the shop set a minute to midnight because at Ava Laurenne... the fairytale never ends!"

Both our Fredericksburg and Greenville locations are beautifully restored and refurbished spaces that break the traditional retail environment mold and are filled with history, character, and romance. We believe in creating impactful experiences for our brides and that finding your dress is a powerful life moment that is as much about the environment as it is the gown!

"Everything we do is guided by people and space. We choose spaces with heart, unique or historical features, and can host the many parties we throw every year for our brides!"

Ava Laurénne bride's never need to feel sad that gown shopping has come to an end because you get to be a bride for the rest of your life! We host several spectacular parties filled with grandeur and nostalgia every year that are exclusive to our brides.