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Discover The Best Wedding Shoe For You!

You’ve found your perfect wedding gown, YAY! Now it’s time to pick the perfect accessories and most importantly, shoes to match. Brides can often get overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the ideal wedding day shoe. Sparkles, lace, heels, shape, open, closed.. The list of potential shoes is endless!

Here are a few things to consider when determining the perfect shoe for your wedding day!

1. Choose Your Gown First!

Typically we recommend that brides find their dream dress first, this will better help you find shoes that match or compliment the dress. You will want a shoe that matches the formality of the gown and fits your personal style. If you are opting for  a more vintage gown you will want to find a shoe to match the vibe! Additionally, brides will need to bring the shoes with them to alteration appointments, on average it takes 3-6 months for a brides dress to arrive. 

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2. Comfort Is Key:

Your wedding day should be fun, stress-free, and pain-free from start to finish. First, please know that you can achieve both style and comfort! Take a moment to consider what heel height, shape, and type of dress shoes tend to feel good to you. Bottom line: On your wedding day you will be on your feet a ton, do not overlook comfort when finding your wedding shoes. Also, Bella Belle Shoes has an entire section of shoes dedicated to comfort, check them out! Use code AVABELLA10 for 10% off and free shipping!

3. Consider You Venue & The Time Of Year

Your wedding location and the time of year will greatly impact how much heel and coverage you should consider. Weddings can take place in churches, ballrooms, barns, gardens, beaches, and a whole myriad of other locations. Certain types of shoes will prove to be more comfortable based on the terrain of your wedding venue.

4. Your Personal Style

Your wedding day is a chance to showcase your personal style. If you're comfortable in heels, go for it. If you prefer flats, there are plenty of elegant options available. Make sure the shoes reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid of color! If you want the classic and traditional white or ivory shoe that is wonderful but don’t be afraid to go outside of the box if a certain colorful shoe catches your eye. Colors could range from a beautiful pale blue to a bold deep royal blue or a fun metallic that will sparkle on the dance floor.

5. Other Accessories & Details

Pay attention to any embellishments or accessories on your dress, and consider shoes that complement these details. A simple dress might pair well with more elaborate shoes, while a heavily adorned dress might call for simpler shoes.

6. Backup Plan

Always have a back up plan in case your shoes lose their comfort, break, get muddy, or are just so beautiful you want to preserve them for future events! Is there muddy grass? Throw on another pair to walk over to your ideal photo spot and change back into your dream shoes. Want to really break it down on the dance floor? Bring a cute pair of flats or sneakers to change into as the dance party heats up! 

Need wedding shoes but are not sure where to start? Take the bridal wedding shoe quiz on the Bella Belle website! This quiz is a wedding style quiz that will help you find your dream wedding shoe based on your personality and wedding style. It takes less than a minute. Enjoy!

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