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Pre-Appointment Guide: What To Expect When Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Experience of a Lifetime

We believe that wedding dress shopping should be an experience of a lifetime, finding your dream dress while making lifelong memories.

In this pre-appointment guide we want to provide you some insight, tips, and information that will make your wedding dress shopping experience the fun & lighthearted experience it should be.

First, a message to the bride that has no idea what she wants or where to begin when it comes to trying on wedding dresses, DON”T STRESS <3 The right stylist, like the ones at Ava Laurenne will know just what to ask in order to help guide the process.

Working With a Master Stylist

Whether you’ve done hours upon hours of wedding dress research or have just started your search, our stylists are experts in helping brides communicate their desires, reading a bride's reaction, and listening to every word she says (no matter how small it might seem).

Here are some examples of how our stylists communicate & engage with brides to better help them reach their dream dress.

What do you want to communicate about yourself to all the people who see you on your wedding day?

A wedding dress can highlight certain aspects of a bride's personality, what do you want to highlight about yourself? That you're fun and whimsical, classy, timeless (old soul); spirited,  daring, or sophisticated.

Tell us about your fiance & wedding day, what are you most looking forward to in marriage?

Notice, these questions are not about details, silhouettes, budget, or color. Certainly these details matter and stylists will gather this information as well, however, the best stylists… the ones that truly care about their bride, know that finding a dream dress is about emotion & feeling.

Finding a wedding dress is so reminiscent of finding the right person! When you find your forever person it’s almost impossible to imagine yourself with anyone else. This is the same for wedding dress shopping! Helping a bride capture this feeling is just as important as finding the right fabric & silhouette.

Getting Inspired!

The days, weeks or even months leading up to wedding dress shopping is a great time to get inspired! Brides search on Pinterest, flip through the pages of Bride magazine, and follow designers on social media in anticipation of dress styles and details that will make your dream dress uniquely yours!

However, please know that no matter what dresses or designers inspire you, your dream wedding dress will NEVER be out of your budget or unavailable. 

At Ava Laurenne we focus on quality down to the smallest detail. Owner and expert stylist Wendy Rivera connects with designers and brides across the country year around to deliver the most desirable, quality, and versatile curation of gowns to the Ava Laurenne bride. No matter the budget, silhouette, material, or fit we have THE dress for every bride - the one that makes her feel loved, joyful, and uniquely beautiful.

Want to see more of our dresses, here are three ways our brides get inspired before their appointment!

  1. Follow us on Instagram: We post videos daily highlighting new gowns, store favorites, and our overall inventory! See the gowns in action, how they move, and how they look from every angle in our reels and stories. 
  2. Follow us on Pinterest: Create a board to share with your stylist!  Our Pinterst is updated daily to showcase our gorgeous gowns and provide helpful wedding planning advice for brides! Follow us and create your very own Ava Laurenne board to share with your stylist before or during the appointment.
  3. Follow us on TikTok: Similar to Instagram, our TikTok showcases our beautiful gowns daily. Scroll through the videos and get inspired by the many different silhouettes, designers, details, and sizes we carry! Take screenshots or save your favorites to show your stylist. 

Ava Laurenne and many salons across the United States will be unable to have all dresses listed on their website. With a large inventory and new gowns constantly entering the salon it’s almost impossible to list them all! Following wedding dress shops on social media is one of the best ways to get familiar with the wedding dress styles, silhouettes, and details available!

Plan The Entire Dress Shopping Day!

Wedding dress shopping should be an exciting and memorable experience from beginning to end! Below are a few checklist items to consider when planning the perfect dress shopping experience. 

  • Invite the Right People: Choosing the right people to accompany you on your wedding dress shopping trip is crucial to ensure a positive and supportive experience. Big or small, the size of the group does not necessarily matter so long as everyone is supportive, positive, and respectful of your desires/feelings. That being said, we find most brides with a large number of guests get easily overwhelmed.
  • Be Prepared For Emotions: Wedding dress shopping can be an emotional experience. Be prepared for a range of feelings, and remember that it's essential to choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.
  • Plan Lunch, Dinner, or Cocktails for Post-Shopping Fun: Make the day feel special by planning a fun outing around the dress shopping trip. You could include a nice lunch, brunch, or dinner at a favorite restaurant or café. Ava Laurenne Brides receive a local food guide with recommendations for places to eat & drink within walking distance of our Fredericksburg or Greenville locations.
  • Keep An Open Mind! Although you may have a specific style in mind, be open to trying on different silhouettes and designs suggested by the consultants. You might be surprised by what looks best on you.

Just remember to embrace the moment and cherish the experience. Allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement of finding the dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident for your special day. Approach the day with a relaxed and patient attitude. Remember that finding the perfect dress may take time, and enjoying the process is just as important as the end result.

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