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You’re Engaged! Here Are 9 Things You Should Do First

“Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.” – Elaine Davis

Every love story is unique and beautiful. After you’ve said yes to the love of your life, now it’s time to plan a wedding just as personal, unique, and beautiful as your love story. Before jumping into the first things you should do after getting engaged please keep the below three things in mind!

1. This is a time of celebration and should be fun not stressful. After getting engaged we are on a rollercoaster of happiness, excitement, confusion, and anxiousness. No matter what wedding you plan it will be your dream wedding because at the end of the day you have married the love of your life!

2. Everyone’s timeline and wedding desires are different! Some of what is listed below may not be on your wedding vision board and that is OKAY! 

3. Wedding planning does not need to start right away. If the idea of planning has you overwhelmed and wondering where to start - have no fear! Take a deep breath and remember that you can start planning on your terms. Allow yourself to enjoy this time with your fiancé - Read our article: How To Enjoy & Cherish Your Engagement Time

So, where do you get started? There are no strict rules to follow but below are some to-dos that are best tackled immediately!

1. Share the news:

Don’t feel you have to rush this process! You can spend as much time as you want telling loved ones the exciting news. Start by sharing with those closest to you and as the dust settles go ahead and share on Instagram or Facebook. 

2. Get your ring sized and insured:

Remember, both sizing and insuring the ring are crucial steps to safeguard your valuable possession and ensure it fits comfortably. It's advisable to complete these tasks soon after getting engaged to protect your ring from any unforeseen circumstances.

3. Pick a wedding date:

Picking a wedding date early into the planning process helps immensely when speaking with wedding vendors, family, and other party planners. Even if you don’t have a specific date in mind, having a general idea of the month or season will help you understand venue and vendor availability and pricing (pricing will vary by season and day-of-the-week).

4. Get organized with a checklist and priorities:

Before getting too deep into the wedding planning weeds it’s always best to first start off with an in depth and intimate conversation with your fiancé and family. Get a feel for budgets, must haves, and priorities! From this conversation you can create a checklist and timeline to help you plan!

5. Create a shared wedding vision with your fiancé:

Take a moment to create a shared wedding vision. What do they envision the ceremony will be like? What colors do they like? What do you both want everyone’s biggest takeaways from the day to be? 

6. Schedule engagement shoot:

If an engagement shoot is important to you for save the date cards you will want to find a photographer and book at least three months before save the dates are scheduled to be sent!

7. Select wedding venue:

When choosing a wedding venue it's important to consider both logistics and the overall look/feel. Whether you are searching for a picturesque landscape, rustic feel, or modern elegance - you want to start the search early so you can avoid feeling rushed or pressured in your selection.

8. Choose wedding party:

Your wedding party not only helps make the entire process more fun but also can help lift the coordinating and planning load! Your friends and family in the wedding love you and are beyond excited to be included in such a special capacity! 

9. Schedule your dress shopping experience:

Dress shopping is one of the most (if not THE most) fun parts of wedding planning! Sometimes finding the perfect dress takes more than one appointment and it’s recommended to allow yourself at least 10 months for ordering and alterations. At Ava Laurenne Bride we focus on creating the experience of a lifetime in an environment designed for making lifelong memories. Both our Virginia and South Carolina boutiques are gorgeously decorated, filled with special surprises, and have the widest inventory of truly breathtaking bridal gowns.

Whether you’ve crossed one, all, or none of these items  off your list do not worry - You are doing great! Remember this is a beautiful time in your life, filled with love - don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

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